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“Internet Within an Internet” Arbolet Celebrates 3 Years With English Localization

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Czech Republic based Arbolet is proud to announce 3 years of continuous operation and has celebrated this milestone with the launch of their English localization.

Arbolet – The “Internet Within an Internet”

Arbolet is an international platform described “as a small internal internet on the internet.” The platform combines many of the benefits provided on the central internet such as watching movies, e-commerce, talking with people, and even investing in cryptocurrencies. The main competitive advantage Arbolet has is the unique environment it fosters, freeing users from censorship or another kind of restrictions.

Arbolet also gives back to its users by allowing them to earn based on their contributions to the system, as well as earn up to 21% interest yearly. IF users need stability, they are able to fix funds to a selected currency (USD, EUR, etc.) if they so desire. Given cryptocurrencies current bear market, this may prove useful for users that want to hold value and reinvest within the market at a lower price point.

The main revenue source that will be used to grow user funds is by investing Bitcoin into exciting projects.For those that are interested in having a more active role in their earnings, merely using the different components of the platform will allow users to be rewarded. Purchase and sell goods, watch movies, play games, and more – the more active and value bringing contributions are, the more that individual user is rewarded.

Incentives are aligned, because as Arbolet becomes more valuable, users will want to contribute more to the community, which will only increase the value of the platform further. The platform is already used by 25,000 users, and has gained enormous popularity within the Czech Republic.

Thanks to the recent overhaul that makes the service finally accessible to the English-speaking part of the world, it’s only a short matter of time until the United States, Canada, Europe, and other massive countries start hopping on as well.

P2P Platform

No matter how amazing the features a platform or company promises to offer are, if it isn’t capable of securing sensitive user information, then it doesn’t stand a chance.

That is not a concern for Arbolet, which secures funds and also guarantees privacy to users. An entire team of programmers that work for Arbolet is assigned with this very function, of securing users and maintaining the functionality of the whole system.

We live in an age of data breaches, companies selling user information to the highest bidder, and other horrors. While users do not need to reveal personal or bank credentials on the Arbolet platform, which does limit the amount of potential damage that may occur, it’s better if a security breach doesn’t happen in the first place.

Arbolet’s goal of creating a future where people can not only pay for goods and services in a decentralized manner but do virtually all of the internet tasks they are already doing with cryptocurrency and p2p technology.

For more information about Arbolet, check out their website. To connect with the Facebook community, check out their Facebook page here. To chat with the community and team members, check out their Telegram channel.

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