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Leading Eastern European Crypto Currency Releases Insurance-backed Wallet of up to 500,000 Euros

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The arrival of emerging technologies such as blockchain and cryptocurrencies brought a number of security, trust, usability and valuation issues for the industry.

Platon Finance, a leading crypto-financial company on the Ethereum blockchain set out to solve many of these issues by offering insurance against cyber theft — and it was the first to do so. Based in Czechia with offices in Slovakia, the company is making strides in the marketplace by providing B2B and B2C solutions for the crypto world.

Platon CEO, Daniel Tanner, announced, “We’re excited to partner with Lloyd’s,” the leading British insurance and risk syndicate that insures each Platon Finance wallet for up to 500,000 euros.

The serial entrepreneur who co-founded the company with his wife, Julia, recently completed their new office launch in Prague, Czechia, winning news coverage from national television. The team celebrated its recent big win: a strategic partnership with the real estate investment firm OPISAS which distributes 278 million USD in rentals across Europe and the Northeastern United States.

OPISAS CEO, Christian Calusa, announced, “Platon Finance has advanced technologies that will benefit my company; their users will be able to purchase real estate with Platon Coin,” an ERC-20 token (PLTC).

With Platon Coin providing a full, digital valuation in the future, Calusa shares his vision of using cryptocurrencies backed by tangible assets as a way to do business in the future.

Platon Coin was recently listed on the LATOKEN Exchange. Several listings are underway, including Exrates.me starting in February, giving more access to products and services in addition to increasing liquidity.

“Liquidity is attractive to our users,” said Tanner, adding that users are welcome to become members of Platon Club, a membership program which offers prepaid cards for paying and withdrawing fiat money. While the Android and iOS app is under development, members can enjoy a simple, user-friendly interface of the platform.

Platon CEO, Daniel Tanner added, “We also offer trading cryptocurrencies with our members who receive reduced fees.”

Blockchain and development adviser, Aravinda Babu, highlighted that user crypto assets will be secured by one of the top cybersecurity companies, Symantec, a strategic partner.

Babu, who has worked on a number of blockchain projects, including OppOpenWiFi, GSCP, Dexage, Elamachain, etc. commented: “this partnership is unique, as crypto theft is one of the major hurdles in using crypto.”

This security feature is monumental as the company fully integrates its e-commerce cloud platform by using Mozayc, a SaaS intelligence cloud tool for creating and managing websites and e-stores.

“The goal of the e-commerce platform is to offer our users more products and services they can purchase with the PlatonCoin,” said Platon Finance CMO Ondrej Vacha. With over 10,000 users, Platon Finance plans to increase tenfold by 2019, with new business partners accepting PLTC.

To raise brand awareness, Platon Finance partnered with Oktagon, the biggest Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) event in Czechia. The company is also a proud sponsor of two categories of the 2018 Dakar Rally, which started in Lima, Peru on January 6th and is running through Argentina, Bolivia, and finishing in Cordoba, Argentina on January 20th.

“We are proud of the world famous Gabriela Novotna,” the Czech motocross driver whom Platon Finance sponsored, shared Tanner. Another rider, Juan Pedro Garcia, is one of the Rally’s top ten motocross drivers whom Tanner connected with through the Moto Racing Group. “For their accomplishments, we awarded them PLTC tokens and gave them private wallets to store their assets,” he said.

Platon Finance is truly a global brand, celebrating yet another recent victory: participation in World Economic Forum events in Davos, Switzerland. The company partnered with New Economies, an independent media startup that provides original content and research for the blockchain industry.

“We’re excited to work with Platon Finance, as they join us at the World Economic Forum in Davos,” added New Economies Founder, Alice Hlidkova. She and Co-Founder, Lucas Cervigni are taping their upcoming show in January to feature blockchain projects such as Platon Finance.

“After our trip to Switzerland where cryptocurrency activity is strong, we are launching our office in London,” concluded Tanner, as he plans the next development stages for the company’s own blockchain.

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