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Latest cryptocurrency news and prices, 12 July 2019

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Latest cryptocurrency news and prices, 12 July 2019
Despite negative sentiment from US President Donald Trump towards Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, the market seems unaffected with several top tier cryptos seeing green today. Here are your latest cryptocurrency news and prices for today.

Latest Bitcoin (BTC) news and prices

U.S. president, Donald Trump in a tweet yesterday, stated he is “not a fan” of cryptocurrencies. He states that they are “not money” citing their price volatility to the dollar. Trump’s tweet marks the president’s first public sentiments about crypto since being inaugurated. Read more here.
The difficulty in bitcoin mining has reached an all-time high as per data from, a Chinese mining pool.
As of July 9, the difficulty spiked by over 14% to reach 9.06 trillion with an average hash rate of 64.85 EH/s — a fresh all-time high in the network’s history. Read more here.
(Trading at $11,674.27 at 14:00 12 July 2019)

Latest Ethereum (ETH) news and prices

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has granted an ethereum-based token a Reg A+ qualification, the startup YouNow said Thursday.
Props is an ethereum-based blockchain token that integrates with streaming platforms like YouNow and XSplit to reward users and creators with tokens. Read more at
(Trading at $276.07 at 14:00 12 July 2019)

Latest Ripple (XRP) news and prices

Bears have established full control over XRP/USD recently as the coin has collapsed from above $0.40 at the beginning of the week and touched the area below $0.32 on Thursday. At the time of writing, XRP/USD is changing hands at $0.3230, down over 3% in recent 24 hours. The total market value of the coin was reduced to $13.8 billion, while an average daily trading volume is registered at $1.8 billion. Read more at

Litecoin (LTC) news and prices

American professional football team the Miami Dolphins announced that Litecoin (LTC) is now the team’s official cryptocurrency, according to a press release on July 11.
The Miami Dolphins and Litecoin have also partnered with Aliant Payments, a crypto merchant services and payment processing firm, to enable crypto payments for the team’s upcoming 50/50 raffle, which reportedly donates half of its revenue to charity. Read more at
From yesterday’s low at $94.76 the price of Litecoin increased by 11.74% as it came up to $105.89 at its highest point today around which it is currently being traded. The price is still in an upward trajectory but is showing signs of encountered resistance as the last 15 – min candle left a large wick from its upper side..(

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) news and prices

Bitcoin Cash ABC tumbled by 10.47% on Thursday. Following on from a 6.74% fall on Wednesday., Bitcoin Cash ABC ended the day at $346.06.
An early morning rise to an intraday high $387.32 was the only bullish move of the day. Falling well short of the first major resistance level at $415.9, Bitcoin Cash ABC slid to a mid-morning intraday low $315.94.

EOS news and prices

EOS price consolidated for a long time above the $5.600 support area against the US Dollar. However, the price struggled to climb above the $6.100 resistance, resulting in a bearish reaction.
(Trading at $4.79 at 14:00 12 July 2019)

Binance Coin (BNB) news and prices

The Binance Coin contract has a function known as burn function, which is available to anyone, at any time. By calling this function one can permanently remove a nominated amount of coins from the circulating supply. All coin burns are recorded as a transaction on the blockchain, meaning that they are 100% transparent and anyone is able to verify that the coins have been destroyed. This is great to reduce the circulating supply and possibly boost the value of the remaining existing coins. Read more at
The price of Binance Coin has tumbled over the past 24 hours, decreasing by more than 7.4% and trading at around $29.58 at the time of writing. The recent price drop coincides with a sharp decline in the Bitcoin market. (Source:

Tether (USDT) news and prices

New York-based Metropolitan Commercial Bank has shut down accounts linked to stablecoin issuer Tether, according to CoinDesk.
Tether, Bifinex’s parent company iFinex, and Digfinex, the majority owner of iFinex and Tether, reportedly maintained accounts with the financial institution. But the recent report revealed that Metropolitan Commercial Bank has closed all three accounts, following a request last year. Read more at
(Trading at $1.00 at 14:00 12 July 2019)

Bitcoin SV (BSV) news and prices

Currently, Bitcoin SV is ranked at #9 on CoinMarketCap. The price of BSV is $160.11. A drop of 2.98% was noted in the course of the past 24-hours. The circulating supply involves 17,854,986 BSV tokens.
The trading volume recorded is $365.697 million. The total market cap of Bitcoin SV is $2.858 billion. Throughout his life, Craig Wright the founder of BSV has claimed to be responsible for a few inventions: the structure of Lasseter’s Online, being the co-author of the Bitcoin whitepaper, and so on.

TRON (TRX) news and prices

Following a rising channel formation, Tron’s price has dramatically dropped to the low of $0.028 after plunging from the $0.045 high on June 26. However, the price drop is estimated by 45% over the past 15 days of trading and by 12.5% over the past 24-hours of trading as a result of selling control in the market. A bullish regroup might set a rebound in the market. As of now, the bears are dominant. Read more at
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