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Cryptocurrency forks that became a worthy addition to the market

Blockchain, as any other system has rules to function. Sometimes customers are fed up with them,

and these rules get updates. In other cases, they get entirely replaced. Basically, a fork splits

cryptocurrency in two. Often the newly developed cryptos can become a worthy addition to the market.

Together with the top-ranked cryptocurrencies in the world, people will come across various names.

Sometimes they might not even notice that some of the digital currencies are actually a result of a

split from major ones.

Cryptocurrency forks are a common phenomenon on the exchange. Not all of them become successful.

Some are already forgotten, whereas others are one of the most widespread for now.

In any case, the fork splits are an interesting occurrence that leads to specific results.

What are the cryptocurrencies that are actually branched off their elder siblings?

What are the types of forks?

To start with, it’s important to understand what “forks” are and how they work.

Thus, a fork changes the existing code of the cryptocurrency that runs on the blockchain technology.

Consequently, when it happens, two versions of blockchain and coin appear in front of the users:

an old and a new one.

When the alterations appear, they can become either compatible or non-compatible with the previous

versions. Thus, we get a soft and hard fork.

With the soft fork, the adjustments are compatible with the previous ones, and not all users have

to upgrade their software. With the hard fork, it is the opposite.

And it is the result of hard forks that introduces the new cryptocurrencies to the market:

more secure, quicker, and efficient.

Why do forks happen?

There are two main reasons for forks to happen. The first one is the split in communities

when users decide that they don’t want to follow the old rules anymore.

They create a new blockchain, and others have to upgrade to access it. 

How is that possible? Imagine that you are a miner or a developer or a user of a blockchain.

Together with others who share your thoughts, you can change the rules of technology.

For example, improve the size of blocks, exceed the speed of transactions.

That is how Bitcoin Cash appeared, to say.

Hard forks also happen when new features have to be implemented, and the necessary changes

in blockchain are in need.

Forks in numbers

According to the latest numbers, there are 105 Bitcoin fork projects, 74 of which are active and

31 are no longer active and relevant. There are also 22 Altcoin projects.

Interestingly enough, the majority of the crypto forks failed. However, several ones enhanced

the cryptocurrency market, and it is them that we want to talk about.

Crypto Forks that enhanced the market

The list of cryptocurrency forks is huge. However, not all of them worth your attention.

What are the most impactful tokens there were?

Bitcoin Cash

Here is one of the most famous examples of a successful split. Bitcoin Cash appeared as a

result of a hard fork of Bitcoin. The newly developed token has a higher speed of transactions.

It doesn’t have a connection with Bitcoin’s value, but it is thought to dominate the market someday,

and perhaps even overcome Bitcoin. Will it happen at all and, if yes, when is unknown for now.

All in all, according to the latest numbers, Bitcoin Cash is worth $328.

In 2018 the Bitcoin Cash hard forked Bitcoin SV with the price of $151. 

Ethereum Classic

Ethereum has accomplished a couple of splits and is planning on some more in the future.

It’s first hard fork resulted in Ethereum Classic – a new currency with improved secure level and

more efficient technology. Its worth on the market is $5.93.


One of the most popular cryptocurrencies was originally a fork of Bitcoin Core

with a feature of less time needed for generation. It is a powerful player on the market with a

worth of $97 on the exchange.

Litecoin Cash

Litecoin has its own hard fork, called Litecoin Cash. It was released on February 2018

with new features such as quicker and cheaper transactions and fresh mining method.

It was also the first cryptocurrency that was dropped from space. Its price is $0.014.


The Dash cryptocurrency was forked from the Bitcoin protocol in 2014.

It takes the top positions in the cryptocurrency market at a price of around $107.

It is one of the most promising alternatives to Bitcoin and has an advantage over it

in privacy and speed of transactions.

When the forks happen, in most cases they produce free coins for the holders of an old chain.

There are various options for how to claim them. Firstly, a person can do it via airdrops.

Another method is to distribute private keys to the new chain.

Finally, one can point one’s respective node towards the new forked network.


Cryptocurrency forks is an inevitable process in the cryptocurrency market.

They bring diversity into the blockchain, allow the technology to constantly develop and meet

the needs of users, create new sources of income.

Not all of the hard forks are legitimate, though. Thus, some of them might be a complete fraud.

Nonetheless, the soft and hard split once again meets the global idea of the cryptocurrency

and blockchain technology. As it is an open-source, decentralized code, it can be developed.

There have been hundreds of cryptocurrency split projects for now, and not all of them are successful.

Moreover, there are very few examples of the most beneficial ones. And yet still, they exist.

The Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin SV are in the top ten of the leading cryptocurrencies

on the exchange. Dash is included in the list of 20 top digital currencies on the market.

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